10 Best Quote About The Love Between Father And Daughter

July 09, 2018

1. To My Daughter, I Want You To - Smile More Than You Cry - Give More Than You Take And Love More Than You Hate


2. My Dear Daughter, You Are My Passion And My Life - I Love You So Much


3. One Of The Greatest Gifts, I've Ever Gotten Is My Daughter


4. To My Daughter, I Want You To Know - I Will Always Be There  To Love You, To Support You - You Will Always  Be My Baby Girl


5. Dear Daughter, No Matter How Old You Are  - You Will Always Be My Baby Girl


6. I Feel Like You Are The Reward For Everything, I Did Right In My Life


7. My Daughter, You May Not Have My Eyes Or Smile But From That Very First Moment You Had My Heart


8. No One Else Will Ever Know The Strength Of My Love For You. After All, You’re The Only One Who Knows The Sound Of My Heart From The Inside.


9. I Promise You, No Matter Who Enter Your Life, I Will Love You More Than Any Of Them.


10. My Dear Daughter, Remember That... Always Be In Love With A Soul Not A Face

                                       ---The End---


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